Spouse to Ronit and father to Naomi. Founder of the Green Trend student organization, founder of the Green Movement party, former chairman of the Heshel Center for Sustainability. Has held his position as CEO of Haim and Environment since May 2017.

Dr. Dov Khenin

Director of the Presidential Climate Forum and Green Policies

Serves as the chairman of the Israeli Climate Forum established by the President of the State, Yitzhak Herzog. Teaches at the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. In his post-doctorate at Oxford University he studied the politics of the climate crisis. 

Ms. Ronnie Gross

Director of Resource Development

She has been working for 15 years in the third sector in the field of development and resource mobilization. Raised resources for organizations and associations in the fields of human rights, women’s rights, joint society, education, social entrepreneurship

Ms. Moran Diment

Director of Strategy, Development & Movement Cooperation

Engages and is active in fields that are considered groundbreaking for creating a significant and positive impact in society and for a healthy and sustainable environment. During my career I worked and volunteered in environmental organizations as well as in companies

Father to Noam and Liya and spouse to Yael. Active in the environmental world for over 20 years. Combines knowledge in productions, logistics, organizational work and environmental education. In the past, he served as a logistics operations manager 

Mika’s mother and Itay’s partner. Active in the environmental field for over a decade, she deals with environmental, climate and planning issues. She has extensive experience in leading projects in local authorities and dedicated trainings. 

Ms. Taly Kedmi

Director of the Representation Mechanism

Has a bachelor’s degree in life sciences with a focus on the environment and a master’s degree in geography and environment, with a specialization in planning. In the last decade, she dealt with planning and community issues in several positions in environmental organizations

Mr. Uri Angel

Director of Tzamarot Accelerator

One of the founders of the sustainable movement, a movement that combines Israeliness and the environment, Judaism and sustainability. Uri is one of the leaders of the struggles for climate education in schools and for the diversion of universities’ investments from fossil fuels.

Ms. Shaked Arrad

Director of Food and Animal Rights

activist and educator. Has a bachelor’s degree in biology and literature and a master’s degree in teaching. Initiates and leads actions for the liberation of animals and for the environment in several organizations and groups. From the leaders of the “Environment and Animal Food”

Dr. Zohar Berman

Coordinator for the Presidential Climate Forum

PhD student in public policy. Researcher of sustainable fashion and environmental justice and co-founder of Matalvesot, the movement for fair and sustainable fashion. In her past, she coordinated the ‘Change of Direction’ program to promote Israel’s 

Ms. Shir Goldovsky

Coordinator for Promoting Green Policies

Mr. Liraz Rimon

Director of social media and Marketing

Social and environmental activist at the national and local level. Served as a political advisor to MK (former) Yael Cohen Faran, on behalf of the Green Party. Has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences with a focus on communication. Content and media consultant for environmental

Ms. Dana Halevy

Coordinator of Professional Development