The Issue

The environmental challenge in Israel has become increasingly complex and challenging over the years – more than in many other places in the world: Israel is defined by the UN as a hotspot for climate change damage due to its location close to Africa and part of the Middle East, areas that are undergoing desertification; and it is constantly listed at the bottom of environmental indexes, such as air quality, transportation, and waste. Moreover, even though environmental philanthropy is estimated at 0.5% of Jewish philanthropy giving, the environmental movement is the largest social change movement operating in Israel as well as worldwide, a fact that makes orchestrated efforts more challenging. This reality has created a pressing need to increase the effectiveness of the environmental movement’s activities with its diverse agents of change and activities. 

As an umbrella organization, we have identified a need for developing game-changing processes that will enable the movement and individual NGOs do more and achieve more. This also includes tapping new sources to enhance impact.