Mission & Values

L&E works under the vision of a cohesive, effective, heterogenous and pluralistic environmental movement that supports diverse strategies on joint and individual environmental impact. L&E leads and shapes public and political discourse on environmentalism and climate change in Israel; manages broad coalitions that tackle climate change and other environmental issues in Israel; empowers large organizations as well activists on the ground in their environmental activities; and lobbies towards government and private sectors.

L&E oversees complex cross-sectoral processes to maximize impact and to promote a better shared future for all in Israel. We are guided by immediate urgency to bring about swift and impactful change. The organization is the government-certified official representative of environmental organizations and operates as the official representative of the environmental movement to government agencies, including national and regional building and planning committees, and municipal environmental committees. We provide infrastructure and a unified platform for all its member organizations and assists them in performing their various functions, enhancing impact, developing proper standards for management and operation, and raising levels of accountability.