Coalitions and Forums Management

L&E works to pool resources and build a shared infrastructure to promote environmental causes. This includes the establishment of coalitions and forums that focus on the most important environmental issues.

  1. The Climate-Change Coalition: Following an ongoing need to respond to the local implications of the climate crisis in a professional and organized approach, in December of 2019, L&E established the first of its kind coalition of climate organizations in Israel, which works to synchronize all climate-related activities in the Israeli environmental movement to implement advanced policies in the field of climate. The coalition was founded by the L&E’s Environmental NGOs CEOs Forum, which saw the immediate need to form a climate coalition. The CEOs forum includes 14 from the leading organizations in the field of environmental protection in Israel, including the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, Green Course, Heschel Center, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, the Israeli Green Building Council, Heschel Sustainability Center, Zalul, The Natural Step Israel, the Israel Bicycle Association, and more.The Climate Change Coalition is coordinated by L&E and convenes frequently to promote projects and joint initiatives in collaboration with a wide range of organizations from civil society, focusing on the climate crisis. Since its establishment in 2019, the Climate Change Coalition has substantially grown to include over 100 organizations and is currently the main framework for climate-focused action in Israel. Coalition members work together in 8 different arenas to bring about change: Education, Green Policies, Business, Local Authorities, Field and Public Action, Communication and PR, and International Relations.

  2. Animal Rights and Food Policy Coalition – During 2021, L&E established a new collaboration for animal rights and food policy, following a need that arose from the field to incorporate animal rights within the larger work of the Environmental Movement and in August the Animal Rights and Food Policy Coalition was established. The Coalition consists of 14 organizations and has met 12 times to date. Most of the work to date has focused on short- and long-term goals; establishing forums for focused work (green policies, PR, and more); initiation of a first campaign to reduce animal-based diet; and drafting of position papers.

  3. Additional Coalitions and Forums – L&E operates several professional forums and ad-hoke coalitions. The CEO Forum, for example, brings together prominent CEOs from environmental organizations for peer learning and cultivation of leadership; and the Coalition for Tree Empowerment works to solve the national challenge of preserving and preventing tree felling, especially at times when awareness of the importance of local urban healthy environment becomes so relevant to daily life. While not all coalitions and forums are fully supported, L&E strives to create these frameworks according to needs, and to provide the utmost professional support to promote these causes.