Leading Change in Local Authorities

L&E works to bridge the gap between national and local environmental policies, to make national policies accessible to local professionals for implementation. As part of the organization’s mandate to represent the public on all levels of environmental committees and planning processes, our work includes the representation of the public in local Environmental Planning Committees (EPCs) and the professional development of the Committees’ chairpersons and representatives of the public.

Promoting Local Green Policies: In the past months, as part of L&E’s local authorities’ activity, the organization developed a first of its kind training course for environmental activists on promoting green policies in local government. L&E has identified the potential to create a critical mass of environmental policies by training avid residents and activists who lack the political know-how and background.

During 2022, L&E plans to execute several cycles of training courses, with 25 participants each, alongside one-on-one mentoring with L&E’s Director of Local Authorities and Board Member Shai Golub. The goal is to train participants to understand the inner workings of local government to have them advocate for green policies.