Outreach and Empowerment of the Arab Society

L&E is currently working in three different avenues to develop collaboration with-, outreach to and empowerment of environmental work in the Arab society. Following several processes to map the current needs for this sort of work, we are now investing our time and resources in the following initiatives

  1. Empowering grassroots environmental initiatives within the Arab society: Based on the model of the Tzamarot accelerator currently operating within L&E (see below), funded by the Sheli Fund, L&E is looking to broaden its work to empower grassroots initiatives within the Arab Society. The organization is currently working with the New Israel Fund to determine areas of responsibility towards the implementation of such a project.
  2. Establishment of environmental committees in Arab localities: In 2021, L&E has initiated an avenue of action in collaboration with Lawyers for Good Governance (LGG) and Citizens for the Environment (CFE), who will locate and train representatives to join the local environmental committees. L&E has begun collaborating with Lawyers for Good Governance and Citizens for the Environment to carry out a two-year intervention plan to ensure that Arab local municipalities convene their EPCs on a regular basis, enable meaningful participation of public representatives and maintain adequate standards of transparency regarding their work. The work plan includes outreach and work with all 84 local authorities in the Arab society, focusing on 20 chosen authorities for in-depth implementation.
  3. Connecting Core Environmental Orgs with the Arab Society: L&E is working to draw up an extensive work plan for collaborative work of the Environmental Movement with the Arab Society. The program will focus on two tracks: How to develop and nurture more grassroots initiatives in the Arab society by identifying local  forces that could potentially translate into environmental activism; and how to develop professional know-how within the Environmental Movement to work with the Arab society.