Professional Capacities to Support Environmental Initiatives

As the environmental movement is faced with new opportunities and challenges, L&E has developed new professional positions to provide infrastructural support.

  1. Promoting Green Policies for the Environmental Movement: Thanks to the support of a donor coalition, led by Ms. Marla Stein, head of the JFN’s Green Funders Forum, in October 2021, a new coordinating position to promote green policies was filled at L&E to promote environmental causes for the movement, under the direction of Dov Khenin of L&E. This new position was developed following an ongoing need of spokesmanship/media outreach and government relations capacities for the local movement.The promotion of green policies work includes identification of core issues for promoting green policies, focusing on Low Carbon Economy, including the Climate Act, Renewable Energy – NZO and the Green Economy Bailout Plan; Training for organizations; Civil Lobbying based on the infrastructure established by the Green Policies forum of the Climate Change Coalition; and a Knesset Information Center, which will serve as a focal point for and produce position papers that will provide politicians with updated information on the above environmental causes and additional causes chosen by the steering committee.
  1. PR and Traditional Media: To complete the work of Government Relations, it is imperative that L&E develops the capacity for PR work to support lobbying efforts. To support the promotion of green policies, it is imperative to establish PR and Media work, as policy-making is highly affected by campaigns that lead to significant pressure on government. In 2022, L&E seeks to open a new position that supports the newly-founded platform to promote climate and environmentally minded policies.
  2. Social Media and Marketing: In 2021, L&E recruited a Director of Media and Marketing, who has scaled up to a full-time position following the successful process of leading joint campaigns and providing training to members of the Climate Coalition.